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Life in Goa

Why life in Goa? why not any other name like party Goa? or clubbing Goa? We may be like the Vegas of India but yeah those names would rarely appeal to genuine Goans as we do other things besides party. Just like every other State in India, we do have people who live a normal life just like you.

Loads of friends we meet in other parts of India don't really ask us "how is life man?" most of us (and i'm sure most Goans agree here) as usually asked " Hey man! How is life in GOA!?" ; strange enough it's true. So we thought why not make this catch phrase more popular by adding a .com to the end of it, and there you go! lifeingoa.com was born. Where people are given an opportunity to showcase their talents, start small businesses or just be a part of a small healthy community.

Although we have been kind of late to the party, knowing websites like facebook have gone far far ahead, but hey we are not competing with facebook or any other social media networks, we just need like minded people who love and share what Goa is all about.

So get in and let share and explore your life in Goa.


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