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Panaji - The Capital welcomes you to Goa!

Panaji, earlier known as Panjim is listed among the most beautiful cities of Goa. However, people still call it Panjim.  It’s situated along the banks of river Mandovi. Colorful villas, cobbled streets and huge buildings give Panjim a Portuguese ambiance. The colorful buildings and long winding streets facing the river, adds to its scenic beauty. One of Goa's famous heritage site, Fontainhas is situated in the heart of the city. The city has commercialized over the years and has many wonderful things to offer. The city got its name from Sanskrit language, ‘Panjani and khali’ which means a boat and a small creek respectively. And that’s because Panjim has 2 famous creeks, the Ourem and St. Inez creek. There is something for everyone in the city. The Panjim market and the various shops around give you a wide range of choice to purchase what you desire. You would find all the important government offices of Goa in the city. Similarly, there are endless number of restaurants and hotels providing you the authentic Goan and Continental food.  The main Church of Panjim is Our Lady of Immaculate Conception that situates itself at the Althinho hill, providing an interesting and spectacular view. The city is facilitated well with busses, Auto rickshaws and taxis that make it possible to travel around the place. Some of the famous places in the city are, Fontainhas, Althinho, Miramar, Dona Paula, Caranzalem, Boca de Vaca spring, Kala Academy, St Inezetc. Panjim is a must visit city in Goa. 

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