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Village of Netravali

The village of Netravali in Sanguem is a perfect getaway into the mysterious nature and its activity.The trek down to the wildlife and forest is truly an escape into the womb of Mother Nature. This village is surrounded by dense forest and huge plantation. The village got its name from the famous river Neturli, which is a tributary of river Zuari. This river served as a source of fresh water for the people and was considered important. Many nature enthusiasts seek to this place to explore the core beauty of this village. A much preferred location for treks and nature trails. There are many more things to discover in this village that makes it an interesting tourist spot. Some of Goa’s famous tourist attractions like the Netravali wildlife sanctuary, Netravali waterfall, the Bubble Lake, and Strawberry plantation and found here.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary- Netravali was recently declared as a wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary sprawls over an area of about 211.05 sq.km. The famous black panthers, king cobra, giant squirrels, slender Loris, and great pied hornbills are found here. The moist deciduous forest along with semi evergreen forest, homes a large number of exotic species. The best  enthralling experience is walking by the nature in the wild.

Netravali Waterfall- One of Goa's famous falls is this one, the Netravali waterfall. Walking through the dense forest, trudging along the path, crossing the little wooden bridges, fighting the strong currents of the river, gets you to your destination. You would enjoy this memorable trek to the waterfall. The gushing of the water is best enjoyed during the monsoon.

The Bubble Lake- The bubble lake, or the budbuyanchi tali, is a famous spot in Netravali. A mysterious activity of nature that has no answers for its occurrence. The interesting element of this lake is that when someone claps near the lake, bubbles begin to appear in different areas of the tank in peculiar designs. This scene is something unique and different from the rest.

Strawberry Plantation- 1km away from Netravali wildlife sanctuary in a village,a small group of ladies came together to try an unique technique of growing strawberries in Goa. The first successful harvest was back in October 2013.  And they made it possible to grow strawberry's in the state of Goa.

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